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venue information

Postal Address

Jazz School UK
The Shoefactory
23b Fitzwilliam Street
NN10 9YW


We enjoy fast road access from all parts of the country via the A6 A43 and A45 running through from the A14 M1 M11 M40. Take your pick! Fitzwilliam St, or as it is known locally, Fitzwilliam Hill, runs between Wellingborough Road and Duck St. Come up the small drive near the bottom of the hill, opposite number 20, and you will see the Shoefactory at the end. There is plentiful free parking in Duck St (see map) and it is best to park there and walk round. If you have heavy gear, ours is the small gravel car park alongside the building, and you may unload and drop off here. Please do not use our neighbour's yard (In front of our building) for parking, unloading or riotous jazz congregations.

train and taxi

The nearest train station is Wellingborough. If you need a taxi, we recommend Lee Cabs on 01933 442444 and Alco Taxis on 01933 412222


Google Map

Rushden Map


contact jazz school uk

(Nick Weldon)

home: 01933 313969

mobile: 07971 409596

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.


where to stay

Here is a list of places to stay within driving distance. If you would prefer somewhere walkable, we have a network of local friends who take paying guests - just let us know.

Local Accommodation List


where to eat

Good eateries within walking distance include Pizzeria Venezia (Italian) Teza (Indian) and the Railway Inn (JD Wetherspoon). Locations on the restaurant websites and also marked on the Rushden map on this page.


oh and by the way..

  • Ensembles run 10.30am-4.30pm
  • Course days generally run 10.30am-6pm (9.30pm when there is a jam session).
  • doors open at 9.45am.
  • slippers or indoor shoes are requested for all sessions in the clicking room
  • £4 lunch charge includes (at least) 2 baguettes (feel free to finish any left over) and all refreshments, fruit and biscuits during the day. If you just want the refreshments etc. please put £2 into the trust pot to cover costs.
  • Thanks, and happy playing!


    ensemble pages

    Use these links to access your ENSEMBLE INFORMATION

  • Gollum 1
  • Gollum 2
  • Mordor 1
  • Mordor 2
  • Mordor 3
  • Bilbo 1
  • Bilbo 2
  • Gandalf
  • Guitar Improvers
  • Jazz Shed
  • Jazz Singers & Accompanists
  • course pages

    Use these links to access your COURSE INFORMATION

  • jazz jam
  • new year jazz
  • spring beginners & improvers
  • standards weekend
  • blues & rhythm
  • big band weekend
  • Jeff Clyne Improvisation Day
  • summer beginners & improvers
  • summer short
  • summer long
  • jazz singers & accompanists weekend
  • general

    ensemble & course pages

    Using these links you will find tunesheets, timetables, theory points, payment arrangements, times and so on for the days you have booked with us - hopefully everything you need to make your Jazz School UK learning programme as effective as possible. General information about the programme -course descriptions etc -can still be found back on the main website. If there is anything else you need to know, don't hesitate - call or email us and we'll be happy to help!


    Access our Theory Shed Blog from your the Resources tab on your Ensemble or Course Page for essential information and Top Tips on tunes and improvisation.


    Go here to book and pay online for courses and purchase jazz books, CDs and clothing.


    We have many requests from musicians, Jazz School players and otherwise, wanting to connect with other musicians. The purple room is an open discussion and contact forum where you can make some jazz connections and talk about anything you like - gigs, gear, theory questions, recipes, traffic reports, favourite cars, memorable recordings and even bananas. To use the forum you register with a password and username of your choice and fill out your profile, and that's all there is to it!


    Payment and booking information for courses and ensembles can be found on the specific course and ensemble pages here on the members site.

    121 LESSONS

    Individual lessons are an important element in any player's development. They give you a chance to focus more directly on particular issues, be they technical, theoretical or conceptual, and to develop practice routines to take your jazz playing forward.

    This works at all levels - from jazz beginners wanting some basic information to get started, perhaps with a view to trying some group playing - right up to aspiring professionals preparing for auditions at the country's elite conservatoires.

    Nick Weldon offers individual lessons (in person and by Skype) in jazz piano, bass and theory, and also coaches all instrumentalists, including singers, in performance, composition, improvisation, repertoire and artistic development. Andra Sparks gives individual lessons in jazz singing and vocal technique. Drum lessons can be arranged with Trevor Tomkins and Clark Tracey. We can put you in touch with our other instrumental teachers if you wish to arrange your own tuition.

    121 lessons are available at the Shoefactory on weekdays and evenings by arrangement.


    The Jazz School UK Certificate and Diploma Pathway is a more intensive and personalised way of combining our regular activities (Ensembles, Course Days and 121 tuition) with guided personal study. More details back on the main website here.